APRIL 20th and 21st | 6:30pm CST – 4D-CROWN COMPETITION DAY 1 & 2.

JULY 1ST & 5TH 2021.

Maths & Science
Academic Competition Closed
Music Competition Closed
Drama & Creative Arts
Drama & Creative Art Closed
7-Day Short Film Challenge
7-Day Short Film Challenge Closed
Announcing the 2nd Season of 4D-CROWN Annual Competition featuring :
  1. Singing and Playing of Musical Instruments
  2. Creative & Theatre Arts such as one-man drama, Soliloquy, mime, spoken Word, short films etc.  and finally
  3. Maths, Science & Grammar Quiz Competition for children, youths and teenagers leading to several awards and trophies. Age category range from age 4 and above.

This year’s 4D Crown shall also feature special outreach competition for children of missionaries from any part of the word leading to fantastic academic scholarship awards.

We shall also feature a 7-day 10-Min Short Film making Challenge for Drama & Film Ministries & Ministers from African Continent.  10 of the short films will be selected from the submitted pool and the ministries will receive mission support awards for their short movie projects.  These 10 short films will progress into the final stages in July where the best three will emerge.

This year shall feature two stages; the preliminary stage shall hold on the 20th, 21st and 22nd April 2021 and the final stage shall hold on July 1st and 5th respectively.

We shall also be having a Soccer Tournament featuring several clubside participation with under 6 to under 15 years. Preliminaries shall feature on the 17th of April 2021 and the semifinals and finals shall be on the 24th of April. Time for both days from 3pm to 7pm CST.

General Submission starts on Sunday March 21st by 12:00am CST and ends Saturday April 10th by 11:59 CST.

Submission for the 7-day 10-Min Film making Challenge for Drama & Film Ministries from African Continent will be between Sunday March 28th by 12:00am CST and ends Saturday April 10th by 11:59 CST.

Having a difficult time uploading your videos on this website along with your submission?

These are ways you can send you videos to us.
Note all videos must be 1080P preferably, the least resolution we can take is 720P.

  1. You can email your videos  to the appropriate email corresponding to the category you are submitting for, see the emails below:
  2. You can upload your videos to your google drive and add the link to your form submission  or email the link with your full name to the appropriate email.
  3. You can use free option of  www.wetransfer.com and send the email to the appropriate email.
filmchallenge@4dcrown.org ------ For the 7 DAY FILM CHALLENGE
cta@4dcrown.org    ------ For the CTA CATEGORY.
music@4dcrown.org  ------ For the Music CATEGORY.
academic@4dcrown.org  ----- for the ACADEMIC CATEGORY.
awards@4dcrown.org   —— For the Missionaries Children SUBMISSIONS

NOTE: There must be a Submission for every individual entry!


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